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Welcome to our world...

where you can buy fresh, speciality
organic vegetables on-line.

Or contact us if you're a wholesaler,
box scheme or supermarket customer.

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All of our produce is seasonal...

if you can't see it in our shop,
it isn't in season!

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Did you know...

In ancient dialect, 'Holm' is a
word meaning Fenland Island?

Our farm is a green organic island
in the middle of the intensively farmed Fens.

What is in season?

What is in season?

Crown Prince Squash: Delicious roasted or in soups!

Our Organic Mission

Continuing to pioneer more organic vegetable farming

Our belief is that organic farming is the most environmentally defensible farming method.

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All of our produce is seasonal - if you can't see it in the shop, it isn't in season!

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HolmSelect Downloads

HolmSelect Downloads

More information about our produce, including QC standards, process methodology and size/quantity availability.

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